Tips for Identifying and Teaching to Different Learning Styles

By teaching to these different learning styles, we can maximise each student’s learning potential, and that’s what makes them quite important.

There are many learning styles out there and although learning styles have been debated lately, if you favour them, keep reading this blog because today, we’re going to focus on four in particular and these are visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and tactile.

Let’s explore the differences between each of these and see how EducationCity can help…

Visual Learners

These learners like to use pictures and graphics to help them learn and process new information.Thinking Space Science Learn Screen

They like demonstrations, they most probably have a creative imagination, and often use lists to organise thoughts.

They also like to use videos, illustrations and written instructions, and EducationCity’s Learn Screens are ideal for this as they go through concepts step-by-step with colourful graphics, which is great for helping students understand a subject area.

Auditory Learners

Suited more to listening and speaking, these learners enjoy group discussions and presentations, and learn through listening and repeating to recall information.

EducationCity has a range of Activities that use voiceover to help students with certain concepts. They are asked questions within them and information can be repeated to help them.

Kinaesthetic Learners

These learners grasp their learning best through physical representations. Their learning style is best suited to physical tasks where they can do something that involves movement of the whole body and manipulating objects.Text Features English Topic Tool

There are a number of Activities and Topic Tools on EducationCity which can be used on the whiteboard to promote physical learning, by having students come up to the whiteboard to answer questions.

Tactile Learner

Closely related to kinaesthetic learners, these best learn through the sense of touch. They like to use their fine motor skills to make or handle relevant materials whilst learning, and like to take notes while reading, or draw or doodle to remember concepts.

By asking your students to take detailed notes when they go through Learn Screens on EducationCity or highlighting text within the Text Features Topic Tool, these types of activities are ideal for this type of learner.

All-in-all, although there is debate around learning styles and the view that they decrease adaptability, you ultimately know what’s best for your students and we hope we’ve provided you with a few more ideas, particularly as to how you can meet different learning styles with EducationCity’s resources.