Tips for Inspiring Creativity

With so much going on during the school day though, it can be difficult to find the time to inspire creativity. That’s why we’ve put together a number of ways (which you may do already) as to how you could do this easily – take a look!

1. Make Use of More Hands-on Learning

To engage students on a deeper level in lessons and put a creative spin on traditional learning methods, hands-on learning is perfect. Ideas to encourage this can be simple too, such as allowing students to read texts rather than yourself or doing some drama when learning about a play, rather than just reading it.

2. Encourage Discussion

When meaningful discussions happen, this can help students in many ways. It can encourage them to voice their opinions, think more critically and provide new ideas to learning material where students can learn from each other. This method could be put into practice with a student presenting their ideas to the class or even as a discussion session at the end of a lesson.

3. Motivate with Rewards & Recognition

Another way you could inspire creativity is to make sure achievements are recognised with some motivators. Rewards such as stickers, badges and certificates give an incentive to continue doing great work and students gain a sense of pride from them too.

4. Use Exercises for Team Building

With team building exercises, students can not only engage with their classmates but they can also be creative together, and communicate and collaborate. There are many ideas for team building exercises but one could be an activity to construct something from one material or another to create a story from one image.

5. Introduce a Range of Learning Methods

By giving your students an opportunity to learn through a range of learning materials and methods, such as via tablets or visually rather than just through text books, you can encourage students to think outside the box and engage in the lesson more, which is perfect for inspiring creativity.

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