Tips for Motivating the Classroom

When students are motivated, they’re more likely to feel driven and energised to learn. Although all students are different and work better with certain motivation techniques over others, we’ve put together some motivational super tips that may inspire you.

Differentiate the Learning Experience

Every now and then, it’s a good idea to change a student’s learning environment, so taking them outside to learn concepts can be a good way to keep them engaged. You can also offer lessons with different teaching methods in too, which will help students stay focused for longer.

Add Competition

When a bit of friendly competition is at hand, motivation can soar! Competition helps students work harder and with EducationCity’s PlayLive, available in English, Maths, French and Spanish, you can certainly add this in!

Have Rewards at the Ready

When there’s a little incentive for hard work, students are more than likely motivated to earn them. Whether it’s stickers, certificates or even a go on PlayLive during Golden Time, this may be a great help in encouraging your students to work a little harder.

Beat Scores

In MySuccess, students can see their own scores, which is great for motivation as they can play content again to try and beat them. You could encourage students to go on this and try and get a better score over the holidays or for homework, which is great for development.

Take an Interest

If you show your students you’re interested in them, you’ll be demonstrating that you care for them which can create a safe learning environment where they feel appreciated. This can be a great motivator as students will feel great being praised by someone they respect and know cares for them.

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