Tips to Help Students Focus After Lunchtime

We’ve come up with five tips to help your students settle down after lunch, and help them regain their focus for their lessons.

1. Lead Students in Yoga, Breathing or Stretching Exercises

When children are coming back from lunch, regain their focus by leading some relaxation time. Have students do a few moments of stretching, practising yoga or breathing exercises. This should be very calming and should help gain focus. As students do this more and more, they can then take turns to lead the exercises.

2. Play Relaxing Music

Another tip is playing some relaxing music when students enter the classroom. This should increase their attention span and improve their calmness. 

3. Colouring Sheets

When children have been running around and playing outside, it’s worth giving them something they can focus on and do themselves. That’s why we recommend colouring sheets as it’s a low-stress activity which should help students be more attentive for their next lesson.

For some quick, ready-made colouring sheets you can use, which also have an educational element, take a look at our English and maths sheets here.

4. Practise Handwriting

A great way to calm down after lunchtime is to practise handwriting. Practising handwriting is a slow, repetitive task that requires concentration which should help students adjust back into learning again.

5. Circle Time

Another method is to get your students to sit down altogether and share some things that happened during their playtime. Speaking about what they did should help students get ready to engage again and have a productive afternoon.

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