Tips to Make Your Time Go Further

We understand that sometimes it can be tricky to juggle workload and time, so we wanted to tell you a few of the ways you can use our fab resources to help make your time go further in the classroom.

Let’s Start with MyCity

Looking to plan your lessons in advance?

MyCity allows you to allocate, sequence and assign different content to specific students or groups within your class. Brilliant for targeted learning, as well as saving valuable time!


View your students’ progress with SuccessTracker.

This resource allows you to track individual student, group or whole-class progress and scores. Each student's progress is automatically marked and recorded, meaning you can identify strengths and weaknesses quickly and easily. Great for checking students are meeting objectives!

Home Access

Set homework for out-of-school hours with Home Access.

Provide your students with work to complete at home and save time marking homework, as Activities and Tests will be automatically marked for you.  

Don’t have EducationCity in your school and would like to take a look at MyCity, SuccessTracker and Home Access? Start your free trial today by signing up here, calling +44 (0)1572 725080 or emailing