Top 5 (and a Half) Things You Might Not Know About EducationCity

For teachers, EducationCity has loads of content and features to help and support them in their teaching and students’ learning. That’s why we want to make sure our schools know about them, so they can save time and get the most from their subscription.

To make sure you’re clued up with our resource and how it can help you, take a look at our list of top 5 and a half things you might not know about EducationCity…

1. Topic Tools

These flexible, teacher-led tools let you introduce or explore a topic in an engaging way – they’re fantastic for whole-class learning on a whiteboard or as reinforcement for groups and individuals.

2. PlayLive

Ideal for Golden Time, PlayLive is available in English, Maths, French and Spanish – students must answer questions against the clock and can compete with others in school or even worldwide!

3. Home Access

For holiday learning, easy homework setting and even to let your students view their own progress, let them access EducationCity at home with Home Access.*

4. Curriculum Map

Within a few clicks, you can identify resources relevant to your curriculum. Find content by year level, subject, strand or objective – perfect for making sure lessons match to your curriculum.

5. MyCity

MyCities let you add, assign and sequence content to whole classes, groups or individuals. They’re perfect for creating individualised learning pathways.

5.5 Have That Super Organised Feeling

Perfect for lesson planning, MyCities can be created before lessons and saved or even re-used year on year, so you can always be prepared!

Didn’t know about one of these features? Log in to EducationCity here to try it! Don’t forget to turn Hints on for more info about EducationCity.

*Home Access is available at an additional cost. You must have your students uploaded to EducationCity for scores to be recorded.