Top 5 Team Building Activities for Your Class

Team building activities at school are great for lots of reasons:

  • They’re a whole lot of fun: students can get involved in fun team building activities to help nurture relationships with classmates. That means it’ll be fun for you too, as you get to know your students better.
  • Help to settle in: especially at the start of a term, team building activities can help learners settle in and feel comfortable with their class friends, as well as build relationships.
  • Improves communication: having to engage in more unusual school activities means students have to talk in different ways. That means they’re a great help for improving communication amongst your students and forming some great memories!

For quick classroom team building activities that you can use with your class, see our ideas below:

1. The ‘Me Too’ Activity

This activity first involves students sitting at their desks saying a fact about themselves such as ‘I enjoy playing football’. If this statement is true about other students, they should stand up and say ‘me too!’ – a great way for them to get to know more about their peers.

2. Is It Fiction or Fact?

Task your students at their desks with saying two facts and something made up about themselves. Pick people in the class to guess which is fact and which is fiction. The person who correctly guesses first will go next and the game is completed when all students have had a turn.

3. Olympics in the Classroom

Give your students the challenge of completing puzzles, games and quizzes that involve problem-solving and teamwork. Split your class up so they’re in groups of four or five – these are your teams – and give them these activities. Keep a tally of which team wins each activity and see who becomes the winner! This kind of team building activity encourages physical activity and movement in the classroom, as well as engagement and friendly competition.

4. The Line Up Challenge

Have your students silently line up in the classroom in alphabetical order or by their birthday date. This may prove challenging because students have to do it silently but different students in your class might well know facts about some of their peers which will help. It’s fun and difficult but most importantly, it requires teamwork to get the job done.

5. Draw the Picture

This activity involves a little bit of creativity! Draw fun, well-known pictures like a cartoon or a book character. Cut them into pieces depending on how many people you want in a team (we recommend eight). Split your class into those teams. Give your students bigger sheets of paper and ask them to draw and cut out an individual piece of a drawing, and draw it five times bigger. Then, when everyone in the team has done this, get them to piece it together and work out what the original drawing was. This results in your class working as a team, having conversations and sharing ideas, to achieve the end result.

Like these ideas of team building activities? Have you any more ideas that you use with your class? Tell us in the comments below.