Top Books to Encourage Reading During the Summer Holidays

However, we’re sure you’re starting to hear about how to stop the summer slide again now. Although EducationCity’s Home Access is fantastic for giving your students a resource to learn with at home over the break, reading a good book over the summer is also a fantastic way to stop the slide too. Active reading can ensure students’ minds stay sharp and ready for the next academic year and students should also retain the reading skills that were learnt from the previous year too.

So to help you out with finding some books that are perfect for encouraging reading over the summer holidays, we’ve pulled together a list of stories all about summer, and even some that are set during a summer holiday too – perfect!

A Summery Saturday Morning
Margaret Mahy

2-6 Years

A group of four children, an adult and their dogs go on a trip to the seaside. What starts out as a peaceful walk however soon ends up in a chase as the dogs get carried away, and there’s the added problem of the group getting mired on a beach as they’re trying to catch the dogs…

Summer the Holiday Fairy
Daisy Meadows

6-8 Years

There’s havoc on Rainspell Island! Summer the Holiday Fairy is trying to keep it the best place to go on holiday. But Jack Frost has moved in and taken sand from the beaches and the three magical shells that control the holiday atmosphere. Summer needs Rachel and Kirsty to return to help her make everything better again on Rainspell Island – can they do it?

Rules of Summer
Shaun Tan

6-8 Years

This is the tale of two boys during one summer who always break the rules. Every page tells the story of a lesson learned and the more lessons read, the more the boys’ events become darker as they push their games further. Eventually, they learn that breaking the rules can be dangerous.

The Penderwicks
Jean Birdsall

7-9 Years

Four sisters and their father go away for the summer holidays to a cottage on a huge estate called Arundel, owned by the icy-hearted Mrs Tifton, who must be avoided. When the sisters meet her son, Jeffrey, tumultuous adventures begin – like escaping a charging bull, discovering a trove in Jeffrey’s attic, ruining Mrs Tifton’s garden party and more… oops!

Pea’s Book of Holidays
Susie Day

8-11 Years

Pea’s mum, an author, has a case of writer’s block. Wanting to help her, Pea suggests they go on a holiday to Corfe Castle. Whilst there, things don’t really go according to plan though. Pea finds many adventures involving Enid Blyton, ghosts, mysteries and more…

Enid Blyton’s Summer Stories
Enid Blyton

9-11 Years

This book offers a magical selection of 27 short stories that are perfect for the summer holidays. This collection of stories includes tales from back to the 1940s such as The Enchanted Toadstool, Jimmy and the Elephant Man and The Fairies’ Shoemaker.

Buried Alive!
Jacqueline Wilson

9-11 Years

Tim and his friend, Biscuits, are really excited that they’re going on holiday. However, when they go on their trip, things end up not being as fun as they thought when they bump into two bully-boys.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
Rick Riordan

9-12 Years

Percy Jackson, a-twelve-year old boy, embarks on the most perilous mission of his life. Teaming up with a satyr and one of Athena’s daughters, Percy finds that he must journey across the United States to stop someone who has stolen a powerful weapon, Zeus’ master bolt. During his quest, he is faced with many enemies though and, most important of all, finds out about a father he has never known.

Enjoy your summer reading!