Top Five-Minute Time Fillers

Well, we’ve come up with some fun, quick-to-do activities to fill those minutes with something enjoyable, so you can make the most of every moment! Take a look.


To fill any time, you could always play a classic game such as Charades. To make it related to school, we’d recommend using popular pieces of literature to act out for the other students to guess. Younger students could act out stories such as ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, whereas older students may want to focus on anything they’re currently reading such as ‘Harry Potter’.

One Line Story Time

For another idea, you could have your students create a story, one line at a time. For instance, you could say ‘one dark, scary night…’ to start the story off and then each student says one line and goes further with it. You could either go round your class in order to say lines or students could raise their hands to say another line.

Get in Line

Another idea for a five-minute activity to exercise the brain is to have your students line up in a certain order, whether that’s in birth order or name order. It involves teamwork and a bit of working out what’s what!

Times Tables Songs

Seen the full range of Times Tables Songs on EducationCity yet? If not, putting these super enjoyable videos on the whiteboard and enjoying them as a class is a great idea for keeping the learning going but also having a fun five minutes.

Just use ‘search’ on EducationCity to find them – we have the full range from the 2 x to the 12 x table.

I Spy

So you may be thinking, ‘well, how can this be educational?’ But it really can! Play your normal game of ‘I Spy’ but turn it into an academic activity by finding objects such as shapes, e.g., ‘I spy, with my little eye, a blue circle’, and then the rest of the class have to find that object.


Heard of PlayLive? EducationCity’s PlayLive challenges, in English, Maths, French and Spanish, are fun, educational games which are perfect for those last few minutes of the lesson or as a reward for Golden Time. They get the whole class involved and inspire a friendly bit of competition.

Do you have any other ideas that you use for five-minute time fillers? Let us know by tweeting @EducationCity.