Top Online English Activities for Primary Schools

EducationCity has loads of fun, engaging curriculum-ready online English Activities to help primary schools teach and learn.

What are EducationCity’s educational Activities?

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A selection of engaging, curriculum-mapped content to develop students’ understanding. The online English Activities can be teacher-led for group work on the whiteboard, or for individual learning where the progress of each student is tracked.

In this blog, we’re going to tell you about what our Content & Curriculum Team, who create all our fantastic, educational content, said when we asked them just what were their top online English Activities on EducationCity. Let’s take a look at what they said and tell you about how you can use them in your classroom!

1. The Mystery Manor

This English Activity is perfect for helping your Key Stage 1 class get to grips with vocabulary, spelling and grammar and takes you through a series of fun questions on selecting words that have similar meanings as you help Inspector Clueless identify a thief. Do you know who stole the diamond?

The Mystery Manor – Identify and use similar words / synonyms in the context of a mystery evening.

  • England: Year 2
  • Scotland: First *
  • Wales: Year 2
  • N. Ireland: P3

Perfect for… Key Stage 1 English vocabulary, spelling and grammar practice.

2. Timeless Tales – The Legend of King Arthur

Find out about legends and what this literary genre features, as well as the history of them, whilst boosting your class’ reading skills. Go on to read the legend of King Arthur and then answer questions with this fantastic interactive English game.

Timeless Tales – The Legend of King Arthur – To read a story and demonstrate understanding by answering questions.

  • England: Years 5 & 6
  • Scotland: Second * & Second **
  • Wales: Year 5 & 6
  • N. Ireland: P6

Perfect for… Key Stage 2 reading comprehension.

3. Bears at Breakfast

Cute and fun, this Activity is all about matching the right bear with the right bowl of porridge and reading Grapheme Phoneme Correspondence words – check it out; it’s bear-tastic!

Bears at Breakfast – Practise phonics and syllables, whilst reading the words and then matching them to the spoken version on the porridge bowls. Then read a sentence to find the spoken word.

  • England: Year 1
  • Scotland: Early ***
  • Wales: Year 1
  • N. Ireland: P2

Perfect for… increasing phonetical development and syllables and practising reading for Key Stage 1.

4. Valley of the Kings

All about analysing non-fiction texts, explore the spooky Valley of the Kings with the EducationCity gang and solve the scorpion puzzle on Ancient Egypt or be prisoners forever! 

Valley of the Kings – Interrogate and respond to a variety of themed non-fiction texts.

  • England: Years 3 & 4
  • Scotland: Second *
  • Wales: Year 5

Perfect for… Key Stage 2 reading comprehension practice with non-fiction texts.

5. Dragon’s Pendant

Help the EducationCity gang record a movie and become their director! Explore different viewpoints; print your script, then compare it with another director in the English class.

Dragon’s Pendant – Through directing a movie scene, understand that behaviour can be interpreted from different viewpoints.

  • England: Years 3 & 4
  • Scotland: Second ***
  • Wales: Year 4
  • N. Ireland: P5

Perfect for… teaching drama with emotions and expressions for Key Stage 2.

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