Top Revision Tips for Primary School Students

That’s why we’ve outlined some top revision tips for teachers to give to their students or to help parents with their child’s revision – take a look!

1. Put Revision Notes Up

By putting up revision notes around the classroom or at home, just Post-it notes or buzz words will be ideal, this will help with memorising facts and are particularly great for those students who are visual learners.

2. Record Revision

A great way to revise and remember facts is to record them on a phone or a voice recorder. Ask students to listen back to their recordings when they’re revising – great as a fun way to revise and for auditory learners too.

3. Find a Suitable Place to Revise

When students revise at home, it may be ideal for them to find a quiet place where there are no distractions from other noise. A space where students can go and just look at their work uninterrupted for a while should really help with their revision.

4. Revise Frequently

Students may also benefit from revising in short sessions such as half an hour slots, with lots of breaks. These short revision sessions will stop any distractions and will help with taking in facts, not to mention recharging the batteries for more learning!

5. Use Games to Revise

By making revision fun with games, students can make revision a little more interesting and will be kept more engaged. Whether this is a true or false card game for facts or challenging students to write new lyrics to a song to remember revision material with, these all help with memorising and practising for tests.

Don’t forget! On EducationCity, there are loads of fun activities for students to do and keep interested in their revision and learning material, so don’t forget to use these.

6. Practice with Past Papers/Tests

It’s obvious but we’ll say it again, not only do practice papers and tests help with giving students more experience of the test itself and its format, but they’re great for time management, preparing children for the exam and testing them on their knowledge to see if they have any weaker or stronger areas.

7. Keep Focused and Positive

Our last tip would be to stay positive! Exams can be daunting and revising for them can be stressful, but by taking all the topics as chunks and staying as positive as possible, students will learn the material they need and keep calm.

Do you have any other revision tips you give to students? We’d love to hear about them! Let us know by tweeting @EducationCity