Top Tips for Using Home Access During the Holidays

It’s really important that students continue learning outside of school, so they’re prepped and ready for the new academic year.

With Home Access, students can either access work set by teachers or explore EducationCity themselves so they’re still learning during the holidays.

Take a look at some of our tips for using this fab feature!

Set Specific Homework: Individualise learning with MyCity to meet the specific needs of your students. Assign different work to individual students, groups or classes to do over the holidays  – great for personalised study!

It’s super easy to find content on EducationCity with the Curriculum Map. Simply select the resource relevant to the area of the curriculum you’re teaching and click the ‘+’ button to add it to a MyCity.

Sequence Homework: with MyCity where you can sequence work in a set order. You can even add a PlayLive challenge to be ‘unlocked’ at the end, as a little reward – fab stuff!

Track Progress: track homework with the MyCity Tracking tab to see how students get on over the holidays. Here you can see what work has been completed and what hasn’t been accessed yet. A perfect way of helping you identify any students’ area of weakness!

Parental Engagement: it’s brilliant to encourage parents to get involved in their child’s learning, especially when they can follow their child’s progress at home with MySuccess. Here, students can see their best and latest scores to help them achieve the best of their ability.

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