Top Tips for Your EducationCity Trial!

Our expert Customer Service Team know EducationCity inside out, so we thought there was no-one better to give you some top tips for trialling EducationCity. If you have a trial or are planning to take a trial of EducationCity, make sure you take a good look at these handy hints to get the most out of your time.

  1. Explore all the content types: take a look at all the content types EducationCity has to reinforce teaching and learning. There are Learn Screens, Topic Tools, Activities and so much more!
  2. See how flexible learning can be: take a look at how versatile learning is – use EducationCity on a whiteboard as a whole class or for independent learning on tablets and computers.
  3. Get help and support: click on User Guides on the Homepage or click on a  – you’ll get help and support at your fingertips with handy info related to a feature!
  4. Personalise your students’ learning: take 5 minutes to upload your students, explore Manage MyCity and allow students to access great features like MySuccess and MyRevision.
  5. Develop higher order thinking skills: ThinkIts are a great way to start a class discussion on a topic and develop critical thinking skills. (Internet Safety in our Computing module is always popular!)
  6. Access great info and resources via the Teacher Area: full of info about new content, User Guides and the Staffroom. You can also theme work around events or special days with our Topical Resources!
  7. Use content linked to curriculum objectives: find relevant content linked to specific curriculum objectives in the Curriculum Map to help you in your teaching.

Thanks for the handy tips Customer Service Team! Wondering how to get a trial of EducationCity? Click here or get in touch with us on +44 (0)1572 725080 or email