Top Tips: Keeping Your Class Motivated

Motivation is the key to success for classes, and at school, teachers are instrumental in keeping their students motivated. When students are motivated, they’re more driven in their ability to learn and work hard. We’ve been talking to our Relationship Managers here at EducationCity, who speak to teachers every day, to give you some top tips in helping to motivate students to learn.

As you know all students are different and so they may be motivated in different ways, so we’ve given you a few top educational motivation tips that you could use to encourage your students and help them to achieve great things in class.

Change Up the Learning Experience

Although the classroom is a great place to learn, a change of scenery can often be beneficial for students and help them in their learning. Taking them outside or even to the school hall for some lessons will offer some change from the classroom and keep them engaged.

Alongside this, you should offer varied learning methods for your different learners. For instance, you may have students who learn better with listening activities, hands-on tasks or even visually. By mixing up the method, it will help your students stay focused and pay attention for longer.

Healthy Competition

A bit of friendly competition in your classroom can go far! Through group games or individual races, competitions can motivate students to work harder.

Hand out Rewards

Students love getting rewards, so there’s no better way to get great classroom motivation than by offering your students the chance to earn them. Stickers, certificates, even PlayLive in Golden Time can encourage your students to work hard.

Track Their Progress

Tracking students’ progress is great for development and improvement. It can also help educational motivation too! On EducationCity, you can track progress quickly and easily via SuccessTracker. This means that you can see where your students are at and show them where they went wrong to help them improve, encouraging their motivation.

Students can also see how they’re doing themselves via MySuccess which means that they know where they need to improve and they’ll be motivated to reach higher scores.

Know Your Students

By showing your students you have a genuine interest in them, and that you care for them beyond the classroom, can help them feel appreciated and create a safe learning environment. This motivates them as they want to be praised by someone who cares for them as individuals.

By knowing them personally as well, you can harness their interests and keep them motivated for longer.

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