Topic Tool User Guides

At we have a range of Topic Tools in our Maths, Literacy and Science modules.

Topic Tools have been designed for whiteboard use, to help to teach a particular topic, or to present information to a class in various formats. Each tool appears in a year or level where it fits with the curriculum. It also defaults to settings appropriate for that part of the curriculum. 

There is a settings button within the tool where you can change the settings during the tool’s use.

Topic Tool User guides

In the Staffroom, a range of informative and detailed user guides have been created for each Topic Tool. They are also tips about how and when to use them in the classroom.

Check out the Grid Topic Tool, a Maths Topic Tool which can be used for a range of uses including a number grid and a multiplication grid.

Click here to read more about the Grid Topic Tool. 

The user guides can be found in the Staffroom, under Topic Tools in the Help and Training section.