Trial Tip: Activities

We know that our Activities are a big hit with lots of schools across the globe!

That’s why, for this Trial Tip, we thought we’d show you just why they’re so popular…

Tell Me More About EducationCity’s Activities…

EducationCity’s Activities are engaging pieces of content which are mapped to curriculum objectives and are available across all subjects on EducationCity.

Don’t forget! Activities come with handy printable materials like Activity Sheets, Teacher Notes and Lesson Ideas, to support teaching and help save time planning.

Why Activities Are Great for Your Classroom…

  • Colourful, fun graphics: they make learning enjoyable and can be used anytime, anywhere.
  • Varied questions: the questions on Activities are pulled from a bank so students can repeat an Activity and get different questions every time – great for learning!
  • Enhance progression: all the answers from Activities are reinforced so they’re designed to encourage development and improve knowledge.
  • Records scores: all scores from Activities are automatically recorded in SuccessTracker so you can easily monitor progress – you can even print super cool certificates too!

What Activities Should I Try?

Our Content & Curriculum Team, who create our fantastic educational content, have clubbed together and have a few Activities for you to try out and see what they’re all about – log in now to check them out!


Brothers Grimm – Practise pre-reading strategies and answer a variety of comprehension questions about non-fiction texts.

  • England: Years 3 and 4
  • Scotland: Second*
  • Wales: Year 5


Ten Brown Owls – Sing along to the nursery rhyme, and count from 10 down to 0.

  • England: F1
  • Scotland: Early*
  • Wales: Nursery
  • N. Ireland: Pre-School


Box Carts – To investigate which surface will slow an object down the most.

  • England: Years 3 and 5
  • Scotland: Second*
  • Wales: Year 4
  • N. Ireland: P6

Want to find out more about Activities or talk about the other content types on EducationCity too? Then give us a call on +44 (0)1572 725080.