Two Brand New Maths Topic Tools Launched Today!

Here at, we are constantly adding fantastic new material to keep those in your classroom engaged with learning! Therefore, we are happy to announce that two Brand New Topic Tools were launched today in the UK for Maths, the Equation Maker tool and Sorting Shapes tool!

Equation Maker Tool     

Topic Tools This fantastic Topic Tool allows you to introduce the concept of using letters to represent unknown values. By selecting a set of expressions from the bank provided, the wheels can be turned to generate a huge number of questions, from which pupils are required to work out the value of the unknown value!

This tool is available to those in:

  • England: Years 6+ and 7 
  • Scotland: Second ***
  • Wales:  Year 7
  • Northern Ireland: P7          

Sorting Shapes Tool    Topic Tools

This Topic Tool provides a fantastic shape sorting exercise! Here, pupils have to distinguish between a variety of 2D and 3D shapes by sorting them into relevant diagrams. There is also a “Quick Start” feature which allows you to immediately generate an appropriate shape sorting exercise with the push of one button!

This tool is available to those in:

  • England: Years 1 to 4
  • Scotland: Early *** to Second *
  • Wales: Years 1 to 4
  • Northern Ireland: P2, P3, P4 and P5

We hope you enjoy our brand new Topic Tools and we hope your class loves them as much as we do!