Understanding the Learning Styles in Your Class

Every student has a different learning style they learn best with. Are most students in your class visual learners? Do you have any kinaesthetic learners? Or maybe there are auditory learners?

Whatever learning styles you have in your classroom, let’s explore them in a little more detail and see how EducationCity can help you with reaching each kind of student…

Auditory Learners

Auditory learners have a learning style suited to listening and speaking in situations such as group discussions or presentations.

The majority of EducationCity’s activities, use voiceover to explain concepts. This is perfect for auditory learners who process information through listening. In most instances, students can also play back a lot of the voiceover so they can take their time to learn and understand.

Kinaesthetic Learners

Kineastheitc learners learn best through physical representations of concepts. These students have a learning style more suited to being hands-on with tasks.

To help you out with this type of learning style, the Activities on EducationCity come with Activity Sheets that can be printed out and used physically by students. There are also a number of Lesson Ideas which include physical tasks.

Visual Learners

Visual leaners prefer the use of images and graphics to understand new information. Their learning style works best with mind maps and lots of colour to understand information.

EducationCity’s perfect for helping out here! It uses bright, engaging graphics and goes through concepts step-by-step with Learn Screens. This means that students can go through concepts at their own pace and see it visually for themselves.

By understanding the different types of learners, you can gain a better perspective on how to address these learning styles in your lessons and help everyone learn to their full potential.

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