Update on our preparations for the new National Curriculum

With the publication of the final draft of the new National Curriculum we are now hard at work at EducationCity.com entering the structure and objectives onto our content management systems ready to re-map all our resources to the new objectives. Any minor changes that occur between now and the end of the one month final consultation period will be made immediately the final documents are published.

We are well on our way to ensuring schools have access to content mapped to the new National Curriculum, through a new Curriculum Map across core subjects and foreign languages.

We have already begun planning the development of new Activities to ‘plug’ any gaps that our analysis of the new objectives has shown and additional new phonics Activities that the increased emphasis of the new National Curriculum demands.

We will keep schools informed of our progress with this work at regular intervals. I’m sure our subscribing schools will understand what a mammoth task this is and the short period of time we will have to complete it but we will be working flat out to support schools with their implementation of the new National Curriculum.

Patrick Mainprize, Education Lead