Using Maths Worksheets to Teach Students Basic Financial Skills

Not only might they be getting pocket money now so they’ll benefit from understanding how to be responsible with it, but without basic financial skills, they may struggle in the future with handling it for household budgets for instance.

Smooth Shoppers Maths Activity Sheet

EducationCity has a number of worksheets (also known as Activity Sheets) that focus on particular subject areas, and are great to support students’ learning. In fact, we’ve loads of worksheets on money that you can use to help you teach this important area.

So instead of you searching around for some worksheets on money, we’ve put together a series of ready-made worksheets on this subject for you below to find in our Maths module or just by typing in the ID number in the Search bar on EducationCity. They’re really easy to print from there too!

Let’s take a look…



Smooth Shoppers: #5631 – Use 1p and 2p coins to pay for items up to 10p and show change given from 10p.


Key Stage 1

Ice Cream: #5048 – Addition using money. Use 3 coins to find totals up to 12p.

Ice Cream: #5049 – Addition using money. Use 4 coins to find totals up to 20p.

Supermarket Maths Activity Sheet

Cash Only: #5104 – Add mentally 3 small numbers in the range of 1p to 12p. Click on the number line to answer.

Cash Only: #5029 – Add mentally 3 small numbers in the range of 1p to 12p. Click on the coins to answer.

Pocket Money: #5740 – Answer questions about amounts of money using a pictogram. 

Supermarket: #5650 – Add more than two amounts of money to make a given total. 


Lower Key Stage 2

Cash Only: #5110 – Addition with money using pounds and pence. Click on the numbers to answer.

Help Granny: #5059 – Multiplication using money. Read the question, then use the number selector to enter the correct answer.

Summer Break: #5017 – Converting to foreign currency. 

Stationery Store: #5688 – Use a calculator to carry out one step and two step calculations involving all four operations. Summer Break Maths Activity Sheet


Upper Key Stage 2

Bargain Sale: #5114 – Find percentages of whole numbers (25%, 50% or 75%).

Summer Break: #5027 – Solve conversion problems. 


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