Using MyCity in 3 Ways to Aid Teaching and Learning

We've recently been speaking to our Customer Service Team Leader who's given you three fantastic ways in which you can use MyCity to support teaching and learning in the classroom.

What's MyCity?

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A MyCity is an area where you can quickly group content in one place and assign it to students to access in class (Classwork), or at home (Homework), providing your school subscribes to Home Access*.

Here’s how you can use MyCity…

1. MyCity for Targeted, Curriculum-Mapped Learning

You can use MyCity to set your students targeted work. You can even add content from our Curriculum Map to a MyCity, making it perfect for making sure your lessons meet important objectives. P.S. If you name your MyCity a curriculum objective, you can recycle it again for next year!

2. MyCity to Aid the Learning of Phonics

Have you looked at the Phonics Screening Check Topic Tool yet? Well, a good way to support the learning of phonetic sounds is to add this into a MyCity dedicated to phonics. We’ve a wealth of phonics content and this tool would make a perfect end to a Classwork/Homework MyCity!

3. MyCity to Support the Learning of Topical Events

You can add content to a MyCity to support different topical events or days – perfect for supporting the learning of topical events!

Want to try out MyCity but your school doesn’t subscribe to EducationCity? You can sign up for a free trial by clicking here, calling us on +44 (0)1572 725080 or emailing

*To allocate Home Access, a feature which lets students access EducationCity at home, you’ll need Home Access licences. Just give us a call to find out more about these on +44 (0)1572 725080.