Using Rewards to Encourage Learning

There are many ways you could reward your students for their hard work and achievements, from activities such as a day trip to the movies or the zoo etc. to special privileges such as extra computer game time or taking their favourite stuffed animal/toy to school.

Eek! Did you know we have some fab printable rewards for your students too?

Take a peek below….


Editable certificates? Yes please!

The certificates are perfect for rewarding students for a piece of fantastic work they may have done or for their good behaviour. Take a look at all of the certificates below:


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Stickers are super fun and that’s why we wanted to share our template with you – enjoy!

Please note: Compatible with 45mm sticker sheet.


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Colouring Sheets

Wahoo! Check out our awesome English and Maths colouring sheets, which are perfect for getting students to think about vowels and consonants and to explore odd and even numbers.


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Do you use rewards to encourage learning with your students? We’d love you to get in touch with us on Twitter at @EducationCity and tell us more!