Using Students’ Bright Ideas for the NEW PlayLive English and Maths

Today, we wanted to tell you how students from Brooke Hill Academy helped us with our latest PlayLive upgrade for schools.

By now, you should have heard about our new PlayLive English and Maths challenges – they've both had a fantastic upgrade and can be used on your tablet devices so it's the perfect excuse to get your class competing against each other.

What we haven't told you is that we had help from some Year 6 students at Brooke Hill Academy to produce the all-new PlayLive Maths. Who better to give us some fab advice on making PlayLive really cool so your students love it too?

When Brooke Hill Academy came to visit EducationCity HQ, one student, Maddy creatively suggested we have a 'giraffe-snail' if we produced some cute and fun racers for PlayLive.

This absolutely fantastic, inventive idea fuelled our creative juices, and ever since, we've been working hard to produce the most awesome 'giraffe-snail' named Geoffrey (which you can see in the image above).

So, that's how Geoffrey came about.

Play with Geoffrey and Log In!

Why not test your knowledge on PlayLive Maths and select Geoffrey as your racer now? See how many mental maths questions you can answer! Log in here.

Thank you, Maddy, for your fantastic idea! We hope you like Geoffrey as much as we do!

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What's PlayLive?

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PlayLive makes learning fun and can be found in English, Maths, French and Spanish. It offers an enjoyable, engaging real-time challenge, where your students can compete against other players.