V2: Managing MyCity

Following feedback from teachers, you can now collate content and allocate Homework for students through MyCity.

From the Manage MyCity page, you can select the Classwork or Homework tab. Note: You will only have access to the Homework tab, if Home Access licences have been purchased for your school.

Now select the New Classwork or New Homework button and then add a title. You can name this anything, for example, ’ Monday Maths’.

Now you will be taken to the MyCity builder. Using the simple tabbing system, work from left to right to create the MyCity Classwork or Homework as you would like.

First add Content

  • Enter a topic or keyword into the search box and then use the filters to locate relevant content.
  • You can view the curriculum information via the ‘i’ button and then add the content via the +. Once selected, it will appear in the right hand panel.
  • You can add Activities, Tests, Learn Screens and even PlayLive into your MyCity. You can add an unlimited amount of content to a MyCity.
  • Once you are happy with your selection, press Done and you will return to the overview page.

Now select the Students tab

You can choose to allocate the MyCity to students via the following tabs:

  • Class sets the MyCity for a whole class.
  • Group sets the MyCity for a pre-selected group of students. (Groups can be set in Manage Users.)
  • Individuals. This means that you are able to handpick which individuals you would like to be set this MyCity.
  • School. Selecting School gives all students across the school access to the work set.

You can see a list of all of the students you have assigned the MyCity to in the right hand panel. They can be removed from this list if they are not required.

Once complete, you can move into the Settings tab. The Settings tab allows you to publish the MyCity to your students, and set a start and end date for your MyCity to appear. You can also choose to allocate as Classwork or Homework at this stage.


We will be holding weekly webinars giving you a guided tour of V2, click here to book.