V2: Managing Users with Classes and Groups

The green tabs within Manage Users are used for creating classes and groups.
Every student must belong to a class. The Classes tab allows you to move students from class to class with ease, ensuring that your student data is always kept up to date. Simply select the class you want to move the students into and then:
  • Select the students that you would like to add into it
  • You can even use the Find field to save time

This system can be used for the annual class transfer at the start of the new school year.

The Groups tab (formally known as Sets) allows you to group students together. This could be for ability based groups, subject groups or even After School or Homework clubs. 
  • Once groups are set up, you are able to assign a Classwork or Homework MyCity to them and also track the students’ success via groups making monitoring student progress even easier.
  • Again, moving students from one group to another is easy.

We will be holding weekly webinars giving you a guided tour of V2, click here to book.