V2: Managing Users with Students, Teachers and Administrators

We have simplified our area for managing users, based on feedback from teachers.
The simple tab system allows you to move between students, teachers, administrators, classes and groups making the management of  users much simpler. 

Adding students

  • You can use the load class list feature to upload a spreadsheet of students into EducationCity. You can either provide usernames and passwords or EducationCity will create them based on names. 
  • You can add a single student by selecting the Add Student button or edit students’ details by selecting the student and making the required changes.

Printing and exporting usernames

You can print out the usernames or export them as a .csv (spreadsheet) file by selecting your students and then choose actions from the drop-down menu.  You can also delete students in the same way. 

Allocating home access

You can allocate home access to your students, by selecting them and then clicking the Allocate button. This gives students access to EducationCity 24 hours a day, including homework that has been set for them within the MyCity feature. 

Teachers and administrators

Teachers and administrators are created in their respective tabs by clicking the add button. Once logged in, access to features are available with no need for additional passwords.


We will be holding weekly webinars giving you a guided tour of V2, click here to book.