V2: Navigating Content

You will find a new and improved level select area. Adding even more flexibility to your teaching, you can now choose to access content via a specific year group or key stage within your selected subject. There are various different content types, all of which are mapped to the curriculum. 


Activities are interactive, timed tasks that are perfect for individual learning where progress is tracked or for group work on a whiteboard. Activities also come with accompanying peripheral content, such as Activity Sheets, Lesson Ideas and Teacher Notes, all of which can be found in the light box.

Topic Tools

Topic Tools offer flexibility for teachers and are perfect for introducing a topic to a class on a whiteboard. They are a great tool for differentiated teaching.


Tests are great for assessing student performance with personalised MyRevisions to help them improve on their results. They are a great tool to help predict test performance and practise test technique.   

Learn Screens

Learn Screens are designed for students to use individually or in groups to gain a greater understanding of a topic or concept.


PlayLive is our fun competitive environment, where students can challenge one another in Maths, English and French. 


Student Tools

Student Tools are designed for exploratory learning, providing students with a safe environment to explore concepts. They cover areas of the curriculum where freedom of expression and exploration are integral to the learning goal.



ThinkIts are cross-curricular teacher-led tools, perfect to keep children constantly challenged and elicit their higher-order thinking skills. 

We will be holding weekly webinars giving you a guided tour of V2, click here to book.