V2: Our New-Look Homepage

V2 is coming! Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at everything that’s new about V2 with a handy blog and video series to give you an insight to all the great changes coming your way.

Our new-look homepage gives EducationCity a fresh look and feel, simpler navigation and is more engaging then ever! We recommend you watch the short video adjacent for a sneak peek. Here’s a summary below of the key changes:

Choose a subject first

You now pick by subject first rather than year group. This offers additional flexibility to teachers when selecting the academic level.

New login types

  • Administrators have additional controls that a teacher does not, controlling school-wide settings and all users.
  • Teachers have their own login, providing them quick access to teacher features.
  • Students can either use a memorable login name and password or use our pick from a class list option. (Once logged in, all scores are saved automatically and can be viewed by teachers in SuccessTracker).

Features dropdown

  • Teacher features, including SuccessTracker, are always accessible via the handy dropdown menu at the top of the screen. This provides instant access to the areas of EducationCity you need to get to quickly, saving you time.

We will be holding weekly webinars giving you a guided tour of V2, click here to book.