Very useful ideas for your Maths lessons

Our Maths Topic Tools are perfect to use on your interactive whiteboard to introduce and reinforce topics, and now they are getting even better!Topic Tool Guide

James, our Maths Producer, has been busy writing new guides filled with suggestions and activities to use Topic Tools with your class (for those that don’t yet have them). With step-by-step instructions they give you an easy reference to quickly get started.

They are the perfect accompaniment to the teacher tools and even come with ideas on how to use with less confident learners.

You can find the new guides in the following Topic Tools:

  • Symmetry
  • Decimal
  • Counting
  • Calculator
  • Area and Perimeter

Topic Tool ButtonsTo access the guides, click on the ‘i’ button in the Topic Tool Select Screen, followed by clicking the ‘purple lightbulb’ button.

James is currently working hard on adding these handy guides to all of your favourite Maths Topic Tools, so watch this space for more…