Volunteering Fun at Rocks by Rail

Recently, EducationCity’s Content & Curriculum Team headed down to Rocks by Rail for a super fun-filled day of volunteering as part of a company charity day.

This was the second time the team volunteered at Rocks by Rail for team building (you can see the team at work in the images) and you could tell a lot had changed over the last few years there.

One thing that had been added was a new exhibition that now houses the trains. This was where the team did its volunteering.

Part of their task there was to dust and paint the cement walkways in the exhibition area to give the space that last final touch.

The other tasks involved clearing out the rocks by the rails (no pun intended!) and some general cleaning of the cafeteria to prepare for winter. 

As a treat and to wrap up the day, one of the volunteers the team met who already worked there started up one of the trains for them to take a drive up and down the track which was really exciting! Some people got a bit over-enthusiastic with the horn button too, in particular our Producer (mentioning no names – ahem, Jo).

We’d like to thank Andy Salmon for making the day a huge success! Everyone on the team had a thoroughly enjoyable day, working together and giving something back to the community.