Walk to School Week 2019

The aim of the week, as always, is to get as many students and grown-ups (parents, teachers and other school staff) around the UK to unite in one week of walking to school.

To join in the celebrations, we have our own Walk to School Week Topical Resource Pack here, which can be used during the official week in May or for any similar event throughout the year, like South Leicestershire’s Active Travel Month.

The pack contains a Fact Sheet, detailing the benefits of walking to school. In addition to this, there is a series of cross-curricular Lesson Plans, which can be used to support teaching and learning during Walk to School Week. Through these, you can explore your students’ different routes to school, look at how different the journeys are in terms of what the students experience using their five senses, and consider the persuasive language they could use to promote a new ‘walking bus’ initiative to other children.

It’s the perfect pack to help you get your students more active, and out there enjoying the spring sunshine. Living Streets also has a pack on their website, which focuses on how students can change their walking environments for the better. It’s well worth a look!