Walk to School Week Starts next Week

It’s a great time to teach children about the benefits of walking and to get them out in the Spring fresh air.

To raise awareness of the event, we wanted to share our resource pack with you all, where we look to investigate what your students see on the way to school, how their journeys could be made safer and why walking to school is good for the environment.

You can download the pack free here.


Our interactive KS1 (or your region’s equivalent) English and Maths Activities are fantastic to support the Walk to School theme, and are particularly relevant when exploring the health benefits of walking.

Let’s take a look!


Silly Streets: #12245 – Count in ones to find missing numbers up to 100.


Grammar Street: #26673 – To compose sentences using the correct grammar and punctuation.

Word on the Street: #15086 – Consider difference in meaning when er, est is added to adjectives.

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