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Welcome Back Scotland Schools!

It’s the start of the new term, and we’re super excited to welcome back all Scotland schools – we hope you had a fantastic break!

Welcome Back Scotland Schools!

So much has gone on at EducationCity since you’ve been away which means we’ve a lot to tell you about.

Let’s begin…

Back to School Checklist

Firstly, if you haven’t already, take the time to check out our Back to School Checklist – it’s a great way to get ready for the new school year to ensure your EducationCity account is all up to date.

NEW Features…

Whilst you’ve been away, we’ve been busy with our latest release of NEW features.

Our highlights include:

  • Upload & Edit Feature: in Manage Users, there is now an Upload & Edit feature available which lets you easily add new users and also amend existing users at the same time.
  • NEW ThinkIts: these cross-curricular teacher-led tools have had an update. They’ve had new designs, are tablet-friendly and come with linked question and answer PDFs – brilliant!
  • ID Numbers in Search: ID numbers make recommending content to other teachers easy, and it also means you can locate content simply again in Search.


There’s so much more to explore! Check out our NEW content releases in Maths, English and Science.

These are super easy to find too! Simply type the ID numbers to search.

Why not take a look at all of the new content and features for yourself? Just click here to log in.


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