Welcome to the Production Zone!

The last zone the youngsters visited during their tour of EducationCity.com on Family Day was the Production Zone. This is the department where everything happens, where activity ideas are conceived, and once developed, all the programming and creative elements pulled together to make the final, polished product, that is EducationCity.com!

In this zone, the children were asked to create fun and imaginative answer pages for ThinkIt questions that had been prepared by our Production Team, and very good at it they were too! So good, in fact, that the Production Team have taken some of the best on board to create real ThinkIts like the ones on the right. These are available as pdf downloads by following the links at the base of this blog.

Scroll down too to take a look at the number of amazing answer pages the young team churned out!

To view them as full-screen images, select one, then click on the four arrows at the bottom right to expand it. You can then use the single arrows to scroll left and right.