Well Done EducationCity!

We recently had a visit from Carole of Anna’s Hope, the leading children’s brain tumour charity in the east of England which provides rehabilitation and support to children and young people diagnosed with the condition.

Anna’s Hope was EducationCity’s first corporate charity and Carole came to see us to give us a flash new trophy for our efforts raising over £3,800 for the charity during our time supporting them! Wow!

This fantastic amount was down to the many events we organised for Anna’s Hope, including the Fun Run at the Perkins Great Eastern Run and many bake offs! We’re very proud to say the money helped create the new Brainbow, a neuro-rehabilitation service for children with brain tumours – the first in the UK.

You can see the new trophy in the picture above, as it is presented by Carole to Kate, our HR Manager.

Thanks for coming in Anna’s Hope! We love the trophy and we’re pleased the money we raised went to such a fantastic, worthy cause!

For more info on the great work Anna’s Hope do to support children with brain tumours, and their families, click here.