We’re Here to Help You Prepare for the Phonics Screening Check

Before that though, what do the tests consist of?

The check, tests students on their knowledge of the phonics skills they’ve learnt throughout the year, to see whether their phonic decoding skills are at an appropriate standard, as outlined by the Standards & Testing Agency.

As it’s a compulsory test, we feel it’s important that teachers have a range of resources to help their students prepare for the check.

Read on for some EducationCity Activities that can be found in our English module, within KS1 (or your region’s equivalent), which your students might find handy to help them prepare…

If you’d like to take a look, simply pop the Content ID number in the Search tool.


Mitch and Patch: #20643 – Recognise the sound/grapheme and spelling rule for ‘tch’ words.

Wet Weather Fun: #20638 – Learn the vowel digraph ‘ea’ with the short vowel sound, e.g. head, weather.

Model Land: #20405 – To recognise vowel digraphs in phase 4 words.

Look for More: #25468 – Read and spell the vowel trigraph, ‘ore’ words as in ‘more, sore’.

Ready or Not: #26162 – Listen to the speakers and match the correct answer to the word they have read.

Leisure Pleasure: #1621 – Learn the /zh/ sound spelled ‘s’.

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