What Type of Teacher Are You?

So, what type of teacher do you think you are? Perhaps you’re the fashionable one, the funny one, or maybe something different…

With Avatar Select now available for Admin and Teacher users on EducationCity, you can make sure your profile matches your personality!

What’s Avatar Select?

Avatar Select is a fab feature – it allows you to personalise your account with one of our amazing avatars. Students have already been able to change their avatar, but now it’s your turn!

We thought this was the perfect excuse to have a bit of fun so we’ve put together a fun mini quiz to help you decide which avatar suits your personality. All you need to do is record your answers.

So, are you ready? Then let’s take the quiz!

1. When you were a student, a typical comment on your school reports was…

A: Great at sport and actively participates in all the sports teams

B: Excels in class, particularly in ICT

C: The class joker; always ready to make people laugh

D: Really should stop chatting so much

2. In the Staffroom, you…

A: Think about when you’re next going to the gym or what sports club you have on tonight

B: Get your phone or tablet out and read the latest updates

C: Spend time making people laugh with a cup of tea in hand

D: Talk about what clothes or accessories you recently bought

3. One of your favourite things to do is…

A: Play sport

B: Go on the tablet and surf the Internet, or play on computer games

C: Have a laugh with friends and family

D: Shop, shop, shop!

4. In your friendship group, you…

A: Are the one who works out and watches all the sport

B: Have all the latest gadgets and technology

C: Are the one that makes everyone giggle

D: Always wears the latest fashions and the coolest clothes

5. As a student, your most common concern was…

A: Not being outside playing sport or doing something active

B: Having a gadget that wasn’t the latest model

C: Your teachers telling you off for talking and making people laugh

D: Your clothes and look – not being the fashion king or queen of the class!

So, what did you get? Tweet us your result to @EducationCity and remember to log in to change your avatar!

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