Why Digital Learning Is Here to Stay

Effective, convenient and instrumental in the future of schooling, in this blog, we’re going to delve deeper into the reasons why digital learning is here to stay.

21st Century Demands

With many jobs nowadays requiring the use of a computer, digital skills are necessary in the modern world. Many schools now have coding clubs and because technology is advancing at an ever quickening pace, more and more jobs are needing knowledge of computers. This makes digital learning important as students gain valuable skills to ready them for the future by using computers and tablets and from being taught digitally.

Powerful Learning Tool

Many students are excited by the thought of using technology for their studying or learning over more traditional methods. It’s interactivity, video usage and multimedia adds an element of fun to lessons. It’s a great motivator too, particularly when using a digital game or activity on the whiteboard for Golden Time!


Whilst textbooks are a fantastic, traditional method of learning, it could be said that they are one size fits all. With digital learning methods, educators can meet the needs of different learners with individualised, personalised learning and assessment tools where automatic marking means it’s easy to see students’ progress. As we can now offer extra practice and learning aligned to the demands of students’ needs, digital learning is important and is another reason why it’s here to stay.


It’s also time-saving for teachers! The fact that many digital learning tools record scores automatically meaning you don’t have to mark anything, and you can see progress on demand, makes digital learning a powerful tool for assessment and progress tracking, and means you can focus on other important areas in the classroom where marking could take precious time away.


Furthermore, digital learning can be used on the go, and is perfect for home use too, where internet is readily available. Teachers can see students’ progress even during the holidays with online resources, which means it’s accessible and beneficial to many, and offers lots more beyond what traditional learning methods can.

As digital learning has so many benefits, it’s safe to say it’s here to stay. What do you think? Tweet us @EducationCity!