Why Is EducationCity’s PlayLive Brilliant for Golden Time?

So, what’s PlayLive?

PlayLive challenges are interactive and competitive and makes learning English, Maths, French and Spanish super fun, offering a real-time challenge where your students can compete against other players.

Why PlayLive?PlayLive Maths

PlayLive is a great way to support your students’ mastery of those key mental maths and spelling skills, by offering a fun and engaging way for them to practice.

It could be used as a lesson warm up, quick starter activity or for individual practice, but we also think it’s brilliant to use as a little reward for hard work in class, as it allows students to play against others in their class, school or even worldwide – super cool!

Why not create your own mini challenge and see how high your students can get on the leaderboard?

Psst! Keep your eyes peeled, as we have some exciting news coming soon!

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