Why Teaching Is Awesome

We think all you teachers are awesome and brilliant at what you do, so that’s why we wanted to share some of the best bits about teaching with you all…

Seeing your students flourish

Teaching brings the potential to transform lives. You’ve probably been through the ups and downs of teaching, but everyday is a new day and we truly believe teachers have a brilliant impact on their students. You become a role model and your students look to you for advice and guidance when they need it the most. Teachers have the opportunity to shape students’ dreams!


Not only do you get to meet colleagues who share your passion for teaching, you also get to watch friendships grow between children – super cute!

Classroom Behaviour

Every day in a classroom is different, from the noise and mess, to the laughter and excitement, we’re sure you’ve taken this in your stride. Each day is a new adventure and full of exciting opportunities!


Teaching brings a brilliant learning journey, from developing new skills to engaging in exciting ideas. You may believe you’ve learnt a lot about yourself, but most of all about your students and how to support them through their journey.

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