Work Experience: Harvey Horton’s Time at EducationCity

Harvey Horton recently spent a week working with us at EducationCity. Here’s what he had to say about his week here…

During my time at EducationCity, I mainly worked with the Programming Team, where I used JavaScript to edit and expand code for a prototype piece of content that dealt with ‘matching pairs’. I also had a look at a few of the content pieces currently being worked on by the team at EducationCity, which I found extremely interesting.

Later on in the week, I spent time with the Art Team, and found out more about the Programming Team, as all the team members explained their roles to me and outlined how their work fits into the company as a whole. After speaking to them, I accessed the EducationCity resource and was able to see how all the different elements of everyone’s roles came together to make the final product.

I had a very positive experience whilst working at EducationCity. Everyone I spoke to was helpful and friendly and they answered every question I had. I’d like to thank EducationCity for the opportunity they gave me, and would recommend going there to anyone who is thinking about applying for work experience themselves. 

We’re glad you enjoyed it Harvey!