Work Experience Student: Andrew Williams

We recently played host to Andrew, a Graphic Communication student at the University of South Wales. In this blog, you can read all about what Andrew got up to during his work experience placement at EducationCity HQ!

“During my work experience at EducationCity, I mainly worked in the Art department, which had a really friendly atmosphere. In the mornings, I would often skype Brittany, the Lead Graphic Designer from Chicago, and discuss the current projects going on; it was a new and exciting experience working with professionals!

“Throughout my time, I worked on a ‘Back to School’ poster and created a leaflet about the Computing module. By using examples to help understand the branding guidelines, I put together the leaflet by using the right characters, colour schemes, typefaces, etc.

“Working at EducationCity was a fantastic experience! I’ve learnt ways to problem solve and answer briefs in a professional, creative environment. This experience will help me with university projects.

“I really recommend EducationCity for work experience! You’ll be in a great environment with people who are just as enthusiastic as you are. I’d recommend not being afraid to ask questions though; you’ll learn much quicker that way! If I had the chance, I’d happily do more work experience there!”

We’re happy you had such a great time working here, Andrew – good luck in your studies!