World Oceans Day – Celebrate with

Colour it in kitDid you know that there is a day dedicated to oceans – World Oceans Day – that is celebrated on the 8th of June every year! People across the world take part in cleaning up beaches, and raising awareness through many different activities. For example, in 2009, the Empire State building was lit blue to celebrate!

Oceans are essential  to our world. The play a crucial role by helping to control the climate and support a variety of ecosystems.

Oceans Project Pack

Take a look at’s great cross-curricular resources all about oceans. They are free to download and print friendly including:Shark

  • Sea Creature Lesson Plan: make a sea creature using a range of recycled materials.

  • Sushi Cookery Lesson Plan: get cooking with your pupils and make some delicious sushi! The aim is to highlight that fish stocks are being depleted and that where possible customers should buy fish from a sustainable source.sushi

  • Write a Face File Lesson Plan: Pupils carry out research on one of the world's oceans, and compile their own fact file and present to the class.

  • World Oceans Day – Background Facts

  • Oceans of the World – Facts


Download the Oceans Project Pack now!

Visit our Oceans page to download the Oceans Project Pack.