World Space Week

This week is the largest space event in the world, World Space Week, held annually on the 4th–10th October.Planets Tool Screenshot

At, we are fascinated by space and physical processes. Our Science Producer, Alex, makes sure that teachers have the best tools and activities to use in the classroom to excite pupils about space! Alex has suggested the following activities and tools to try this week:

Planet Watch – Activity, Year 5

Answer questions about the Sun, Moon and Earth using models reinforced with a description.

High Noon – Activity, Year 5

Learn about the movements of the sun in the sky and the effects it has on shadows.

Return of the Zubas – Activity, Year 6

Answer questions about the Earth, Moon, Sun and related space science concepts.

Force Meter Tool – Years 4, 6 and 7

Understand the concept of gravity and that it can be measured. This has a really cool gravity switcher allowing you to try out the gravity of all the other planets!

Planets Tool – Years 5, 6 and 7

Test your pupils on their knowledge of the planets and the solar system.

We hope you have fun with Space Week! Remember to let us know what other exciting plans you have for your classroom this week!