Your Pupils to the (Animal) Rescue!

It’s half term this week in England and Wales but not in Scotland! Therefore, we are devoting all our blog entries this week to those hardworking teachers in Scotland and featuring some new and updated exciting Activities and Topic Tools for you to use in your classroom.

Featured Activity of the Day

As there has been the exciting arrival of two pandas in Edinburgh zoo recently, we thought that today would be the ideal time to feature the updated activity for science, Animal Rescue, which is a fun, yet informative, activity which helps with identifying animals habitats!

Manu, our Science expert, and Sten are volunteering together at an animal rescue centre and Sten’s job is to relocate all the healthy animals. However, Sten has sent the animals to the wrong environments! Pupils need to help relocate the animals and put them into their suited environments. They have ten minutes to answer each question and in this process they learn why these animals are best suited for these environments. 

This activity features a brand new Learn Screen explaining animal adaptations. Manu teaches Sten about adaptation and how animals are able to live in their particular environments due to their behaviour, physical features and so on. The featured animals include desert animals, wetland animals, plains animals, river animals and mountain animals. There is also an information screen available in this section.

The Animal Rescue activity allows pupils to explore a diverse range of animals and habitats. Pupils will develop an understanding of how different animals have adaptations that are suited to/aid survival in their local environments. Pupils then apply their understanding of adaptations and environments to predict what type of environment an animal might be found in based on its adaptations.

This is available in Second level ** and is mapped to the curriculum strand of Planet Earth and the topic of biodiversity and independence.

The objectives related to the strand are:

  • Objective SCN 2-01a I can identify and classify examples of living things, past and present, to help me appreciate their diversity. I can relate physical and behavioural characteristics to their survival or extinction.
  • Objective SCN 2-01a I can identify and sort living things from non living things and know where they live and what they need to live and change.

We hope that you find some budding zoo keepers amongst your pupils with Animal Rescue!