Your Sports Day Tips

Before we bid farewell to this academic year though, there are still some things we must do! And can you guess one of them? Well, it’s summer, so sports day must be one of them.

Sports days are fantastic for students to have fun and get active, but also have a little bit of friendly competition too. In primary school as well, they’re super fun because you’ll probably have the addition of some classics such as the egg and spoon race.

Sports days involve a bit more organisation though, and now is probably the perfect time to get planning for it (although you may already have started!).

So on that note, here are some tips to make your sports day just perfect.

1. Organise your sports day from the beginning

Getting prepared in good time for sports day is the best thing to do!

We’d recommend doing the basics such as setting a time and date, and making sure both students and parents know about it so they can attend.

You’ll also want to rope in some teachers perhaps – the extra hands may well be needed for prizes, whistles and car parking for instance.

Planning will help you on the day and give you a firm structure to go off – there’s lots more to think about other than what we’ve said, but we hope this helps start you off with your planning.

2. Make sure everyone is included

There are some students who love sport and some whose strengths don’t lie in this area as much, so they may dread the thought of sports day. This is why you might want to do sports that are inclusive and consider everyone’s strengths – this will give everyone a chance to feel pride and feel included. Team sports are as great as individual sports, and you could have an award for sportsmanship too to encourage this inclusion – the student who tries their best and participates wins this!

3. Think of some sports

There are so many sports to get involved in and choose from. In fact, primary school sports are often the most fun of them all! From standing long jump, relay races, hula hoop races, tug of war… the list is long. Don’t forget any parent races either!

4. Plan for the post-sports day prep

You may want to do a short speech in an assembly after sports day to thank everyone for participating and helping – this could be a great way to round things off.

However, there are lots of fun activities to be had, even after sports day. For instance, the sports day results could also be used in maths lessons or to write stories in English.

We hope you have a fantastic sports day! We’d love to hear about how yours went so feel free to tell us about it by tweeting to @EducationCity.