You’ve Identified the Gaps, What Do You Do Now?

Let’s explore some of the features of EducationCity that can help address any misconceptions and support your intervention…


The MyCity feature not only saves you time planning your lessons in advance, but also helps to achieve targeted learning by enabling you to create a personalised revision pathway. Here, you can track students’ progress and see where intervention may be required.

What are the benefits to MyCity?

  • Extra Support: you can set a MyCity for a student who may require some additional help with their learning – ideal to address learning gaps identified from within the Assessment Report!
  • Different abilities: MyCity lets you set different work for groups of students depending on their abilities. Your students won’t even realise that they’re working at different levels!
  • Track your students’ progress: each MyCity created has a tracking tab so you can see students’ scores as well as what your students have completed, what’s in progress and what they haven’t started – a perfect way to identify areas of weakness, so you can address any misconceptions.  


MyRevision enables you to track students’ progress and assess their level of understanding. When students score less than 100% on an assessment, to help improve their understanding, a Revision Journal is generated. This pulls together a range of curriculum-mapped resources based on a student’s score.

What’s great about Revision Journals?

  • Personalised learning: it pulls content together to create a personalised revision pathway to suit each students’ needs and any misconceptions found during the assessment.
  • Improves progress: as it brings together content based on weaknesses, it aims to improve understanding – this is great for reinforcing knowledge taught in the classroom.

Grouping Students

The Grouping tool enables you to set targeted classwork/homework for groups of students. With this feature, you could set certain students goals and challenges you want to, group via abilities or create mixed groups to support one another.

How can grouping students help me?

  • Differentiate learning: perfect for organising students into groups, and where you can use MyCity to set particular work for certain students.
  • Monitoring groups’ progress: in SuccessTracker and MyCity, you can see their progress, which is perfect for reviewing how a set of students are progressing.
  • Ideal for intervention: as you can set up specific groups for students who may need some extra practice on a certain subject area in MyCity to do in class or at home.

Home Access

Students can continue their learning after school, during the weekends and over the holidays. This is also a benefit to students’ parents, so they can see how their child is progressing and offer support if needed.

The benefits of Home Access:

  • Automatic marking: with SuccessTracker and MyCity’s Tracking tab, marking is automatic which means all your students’ scores are recorded for you to view, saving you valuable time. This means you can focus on other areas of teaching.
  • Personalised, directed learning: a handy feature, you can allocate content to students in a MyCity so you know they’re accessing homework appropriate to their learning needs.

We hope you found our feature suggestions helpful! We understand how important it is to be able to effectively monitor success and growth, and if there are any learning gaps, being able to identify these as soon as possible, so steps can be put in place for improvement.

If you’d like to explore the features mentioned above for yourself, simply sign in. Alternatively, if your school doesn’t have EducationCity, sign up for a free trial.