Parental/Guardian Support

EducationCity strives to support parental engagement and now more than ever, it’s important that parents and their children have the tools they need to continue learning at home. With a school subscription to EducationCity, students have 24/7 hour access to learning resources.

Using EducationCity At Home

Browse through the instructional videos below to gain a better understanding in how your child’s learning takes place via EducationCity.

With a school subscription, your child can…

Independent Learning

with teacher-created resources and curriculum-aligned content, thousands of resources in the core subjects in any year level to support students’ learning

Feedback & Reinforcement

Receive instant feedback and reinforcement to support the development of progress

Practice & Prepare Access

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EducationCity has provided another means of helping children with their learning. We have used the activities to supplement the home learning guidance that we publish each week.

Nasima Ephraim, Colvestone Primary School, Hackney, UK

Supports all primary students

EducationCity supports students from EYFS to Year 6 with over 8,000 resources in the core subjects. Whether your students are just learning their foundation skills to support them with communication or whether your students are learning higher-level concepts, we can support you. What’s more, our subscriptions come as a whole school package so whether your students are ahead or behind, they can access content that’s right for them remotely.

Independent learning with feedback

We can give you the ability to set lessons for your students to learn with independently, or even just as a group so you can focus on those students who may need it. Students will get instant feedback on their answers during or after an activity or assessment, to help them know where they went wrong or what they need to do next.

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Review performance and make decisions

Teachers can review students’ performance remotely easily on EducationCity, so they can set work for them to do remotely. Whether it is remedial content or whether it is content to support your higher ability students, on EducationCity, we give you the power to set the right content for your class.

Different resources for learning styles

We also know that some students prefer to learn in certain ways. Whether students like to be taken through a concept and are auditory learners or they like to have a go and are visual learners, we cater to them. We also provide online and paper-based learning, as we know some students prefer to learn this way too.

All About EducationCity

EducationCity can be used to support home learning. With access to over 8,000 resources in the core subjects and instant feedback to support independent learning and mastery, our product can help support you to future-proof your schooling, even when closures take place.

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Our students including the reception class find it easy to access all the games and quizzes. The teachers find the resources very useful as they coincide with the units being delivered to their classes

Mrs Morley, IT Technician, Treleigh School, Cornwall