With seven main content types and over 9,000 pieces of educational content, all mapped to the curriculum, you’ll have a wealth of educational opportunities to explore with EducationCity! 

Topic Tools iconTopic Tools

Explore Concepts as a Class

Topic Tools are ideal for introducing a topic on a whiteboard in a small group or whole-class setting. They offer huge flexibility to the teacher and are perfect for differentiated teaching.

Learn Screens IconLearn Screens

Introduce or Reinforce a New Concept

Learn Screens help students to gain a thorough understanding of a topic. They are great as a lesson starter or for students to use independently.

Tests iconTests

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Our Tests will help you prepare your students for upcoming tests in Maths and Science, and assess their progress.

Activities iconActivities

Educational Content

Our animated Activities can be used to work through a new concept on an interactive whiteboard or for individual/group learning. In all cases, progress can be fully tracked.

ThinkIts iconThinkIts

Inspire Creative Ways of Thinking

To encourage critical thinking in the classroom, we have a wide range of cross-curricular ThinkIts. These challenge students to think on their feet and elicit their higher order thinking skills.

Student Tools iconStudent Tools

Encourage Individual Learning

Student Tools cover areas of the curriculum where freedom of expression is integral to the learning goal. They are open-ended and designed to let students create and explore at their own pace.

PlayLive iconPlayLive

Interactive and Competitive Games

Our PlayLive challenges allow students to pitch their mathematical, spelling, French and Spanish knowledge against others of the same age within a timed, competitive environment.

PlayLive Maths – an online mental arithmetic game

PlayLive English – a spelling and word-forming game

PlayLive French and Spanish – a multi-media quiz, testing language, cultural knowledge and strategy skills

Topical Resources iconTopical Resources

Free Teacher Resources Based Around Topical Events

Topical Resources are designed around topical events that you may want to incorporate into your lessons such as Chinese New Year and British Science Week. They include Lesson Plans, Fact Sheets, printables, posters, ThinkIts and content recommendations.

To see a sample of our content for yourself, go to ‘Activities to try’ within our Mathematics/Numeracy, English/Literacy, Science, Computing, French, Spanish and Learn English pages. 

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