Brand New Resources to Try!

Ranging with new Science Unit Assessment content, to additional pieces for the Early Year Foundation Stage, read on to see what’s in store…

With over 50 new pieces, our Education Team has picked some of their top favourites that you should try, just search the content ID number in the Search bar to get started!

Early Year Foundation Stage

Neil Armstrong (EYFS, F1)

ID: #42686

Find out all the fun facts on Neil Armstrong and all the interesting things he did!

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The Cunning Chameleon (EYFS, F2)

ID: #42785

Listen to this fun story and start exploring the meaning of new vocabulary.

Key Stage 1

Ocean Habitats (Science, Year 2)

Key Stage 2

ID: #42376

A great introduction to the basic features of a coastal habitat and rockpool micro-habitat, coral reef habitat and deep ocean habitat.

Band Jam (Literacy, Year 3 & 4)

ID: #42310

Explore pronouns by choosing appropriate ones to replace the nouns in a text to avoid any repetition!

Baking the Most of It (Maths, Year 5)

ID: #41885

A handy Learn Screen to understand the concepts of factors.

Recipe for Success (Maths, Year 6)

ID: #42095

Use multiplication and division to scale recipes up and down using a given ratio.

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That’s just a litter taster of what to look forward to when you log in, as there is much new content to try! All you need to do is log in to EducationCity and search for the content ID above in the Search bar. Alternatively, if your school doesn’t have EducationCity, sign up for a free trial here.

Keep your eyes peeled for more new updates coming soon! For now, don’t forget to send us photos on Twitter of your students using our top picks to @EducationCity. We’d love to see you using them in class!